Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

I know it's been forever. Well, only about a month, but you know. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours went well. Aren't families just wonderful? I won't get into that, but lets just say " I love my family!" Things are starting to get crazy. I am beyond panic about knitted gifts, there is just not time. I have a few finished and the rest will just have to wait til next year. Yes, I'm starting that already, I guess it's never too soon to start saying, next year......

On another note, my DD has been accepted to Washington and Jefferson in Washington,PA and has been offered a scholarship. We are very proud of her, she has worked hard through school and, well, let's just say high school hasn't been kind. So she finally has some justification that everything she's been through has been worth it. She has two more applications out there that she's waiting to hear from before she makes her decision, but for now we are very proud of her accomplishment!

The high school she goes to is in the playoffs for football and we went last week and froze our a--es off. It was soo cold, the announcer insisted to telling the temperature at the start of every quarter and we were stupid enough to stay through it. At the start of the 4TH quarter it was a balmy 19!! It was worth it though, because we beat the crosstown rivals for the 2ND time this year!! It was great!! Tonight should be a bit warmer, it's 50 degrees right now, so hopefully it won't cool off too much!! I bought lots of hand warmers!!

Tomarrow will be Christmas decorating day!! Although it will probably take me most of this week to get completely finished!! I put up 12 trees, 9 of which are fully decorated!! The other 3 just have lights. I will try to get pictures posted. I love Christmas, the decorations, the festivities, the food, the family, the friends. It's probably my most favorite time of year, if only it was warm. I hate the cold (see previous post). Oh well, only a few more months till warm weather!!!

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