Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I love this time of year, the leaves, the smells, the pumpkins(there is something about a fat orange pumpkin), family and friends gather, the holidays are almost here!! Yes, I love this time of year. It's what comes next that I detest!!! I hate cold and snow; OK I don't hate snow as long as I can sit in my house and look at it and don't have to go out. I HATE the cold, I hate to be cold, I hate to have to wear close toe shoes, I hate coats, I hate the ugly black snow, I hate the cold, bone chilling wind, etc..... You get the picture. So tell me again why I live where it gets cold? Go figure, this is the story of my life!! I guess so I have an excuse to make/wear hand knit socks!! I guess it all evens out, I have to put away the flips flops (which I love), but I get to pull out all the hand knit socks that I so happily made while I was suppose to be knitting gifts for everyone else. OK I'm convinced, it evens out!! It has however gotten very cold, very quickly this year, we somehow skipped our Indian summer, I like the Indian summer. Our local high school homecoming is next Saturday, maybe Indian summer will show up for that, I can only hope. Especially since I was suppose to have my CPH finished for homecoming (see previous post) and that's NOT happening. Too much to do between now and homecoming. This weekend is locker decorating and next week is just crazy with homecoming activities. It is the DD's senior year, so very busy. Oh well, one more UFO to add to the list. I did however, finish my sister's gloves for Christmas! I am proud of myself. I didn't get everything finished that I was suppose to, but at least I got something finished!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Very Selfish!!

Haven't we always taught our children to share and think of others and not be selfish? I know I have (not that it took). And what is that saying?....Do as I say not as I do....Well, let me just say, I am the one that needs to be taught thinking of others and not being selfish. Everything I am actively knitting right now is for self. MY CPH, MY knotty gloves, MY October socks, you get the picture. My BFF called this morning in a panic over Christmas gifts (can anyone say deja-vu), I told her I made my Christmas list yesterday and am not real concerned with knitted gifts for Christmas. I am more concerned with self knitting. This by the way is the same friend who called about getting the CPH done for the high school football game (see previous post). I can't do it all and I'm not trying. If I get gifts done, good, if I don't, oh well, nothing I can do. Well maybe there is something I could have done, like knit for someone beside self. No, not going to happen right now, I'm not in the mood. I know, I know, I told myself last year that this wasn't going to happen this year, that I was going to have gifts knitted!! Well, another year and here we are again. I need more time, and self NEEDS hand knitted things too. What is the fun in only knitting for others? Oh, yea, that giving is the true gift bologna, and blessed is the giver and all that. Well, right now, self needs a CPH and knotty gloves, and October socks. Don't get me wrong, giving is fun especially when the recipient really and truly appreciates it. I do so enjoy giving to people who really love it!! Oh great, here it comes, thanks BFF, now I need to get busy knitting gifts. 2 months till Christmas? PANIC!!!!

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