Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Decorating, decorating, decorating

Well, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday decorating and I'm still not finished. I keep thinking of things to do and decorations to put up. I do have all the trees up and all but one decorated.

First, we have the entry tree. In the foyer I put up this tree of all things patriotic and New York. We love New York and the Yankees. The mural in the background is the New York skyline, it is the first thing you see when you walk in our house! We try to visit at least a couple times a year; I am also very patriotic. The entire first floor of our house has an American, red, white, and blue theme. I LOVE my country and those who fight to protect it. Thank you to all the soldiers.

Second, we have the main tree in the living room, it is what I call the "formal" tree, at least as formal as we get here in this house. It is where Santa puts the gifts for our kids go on Christmas Eve. I have yet to find a tree topper that I like well enough for it, that's why it doesn't have one. Notice the dog on the couch? He has a "ruff" life.

Next, we have one of two trees in the dining room, this one is the one I put all the special ornaments on. The ornaments that the kids have made over the years, the ornaments that have special meaning, like the kids first ornaments and different ones that mean a lot to me.

The other tree in the dining room is probably my favorite tree. It's the photo tree, all pictures of my family and friends. I got this idea out of a magazine last year and went crazy. I love pictures and the stories that they tell and the memories they help you remember. It is a very special tree to me. Always a work in progress, I am constantly adding pics to it! Very fun.

Then there is the bathroom tree. This tree came about kind of by accident. The first year we moved into our house I had a tree in every room on the first floor and my Mother said "Well, if you had one in the bathroom you would be set.". That did it, I put one in the bathroom. The first year it just had lights on it. The second year, I wanted to decorate it, but couldn't think of anything. Then a light bulb, all the little bottles of shampoo we got throughout the year while traveling. Double fold decorating, it goes with the bathroom theme and reminds us of where we've been.

The last tree on the first floor is the kitchen tree. Obviously, it is decorated with kitchen items.

This is my DD tree in her room. I bought her a new pink tree this year and she puts it up and decorates it herself.

Then we have the WS tree. he use to "help" me decorate it when he was younger, but now I guess he is too cool for that so I put it up for him. I know he likes it even if he won't say!!
There is also a tree in the upstairs hallway; the DD's old tree,that has lights on and red and white balls ready to go on, but hasn't made it yet. And two trees on the stairs that only have lights and two trees on the front porch to greet people. And six mini trees in the large pots on the front porch. I think I could use a couple more trees!?!

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