Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wow! It's been a while. We have been very busy. Homecoming at my daughter's school was last weekend, so we were decorating and preparing for that and the dance. I finished the hat for my nephew, now I am working on the one for my son. The DD's boyfriend wants another and the nephew want another. Don't these kids know I have Christmas presents to make? I haven't even started the stockings for my parents. Oh well, I can only do so much.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's over already :(

Well, it's been a really good week, but low and behold, it's almost over. I've been busy this week, shopping and knitting and running kids. The WH called earlier this evening and he is on his way home. Although I can't complain, my best friend and I got to go yarn shopping today and of course I bought more than I need but, oh well, it is really pretty and I love looking at it, so, I guess all is well. Although now I have at least four more projects I want to do, like I need more. It is theraputic though, so I guess I do need it, cause Lord knows I need therapy!! I can't pay for therapy, that would take my yarn money!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

The husband is off!!

Hallelujah!!! The WH is finally off on his hunting trip. He left at promptly 8:30 this morning!! If this day could get any better, when I returned from my Wal-Mart trip there on the porch was the ever anticipated box from Knit-Picks. Oh, my, this day couldn't get any better. I carefully carry the box in the house and open it and inside are the wonderful needles. So I spent the next hour putting everything in it's proper spot. Then I had to get on-line and order the needles that did not come with the set. This week is definitly off to a good start!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Family Chaos!!!

Let me start by saying, "I love my family" keep that in mind as I recall the events of last night. Why can't life just be simple and noncomplicated? My DD (darling daughter) has been having trouble with her eyes, we thought she had pink eye, but no, we figured out she was allergic to the solution she was using for her contacts. So my pb(pain in the butt) sister calls over the weekend to ask what I have planned for my mothers birthday; honestly I hadn't thought about it. She decides we should have the family get together on Monday at 6:30. Which I say is fine, but DD is to go to the eye doctor @ 6:30 on Monday, so we will be late. Fine with me, less time I have to spend with the fam!!! So yesterday, the eye doctor calls and needs to reschedule the appointment because the doctor is sick. OK, so now I have to pick the DD up @5:30 from volleyball practice, so I fugure I'll just head down to Mom's then. I wrap Mom's gifts (one from us and one from Dad, cuz you know I had to order it and wrap it and bring it to Mom for him ), gather my knitting, get my camera and replace the batteries and @ 5:09 I am ready to walk out the door. I should have known, things where going too well. My son comes running in the house looking for the sissors, what for? I ask "MY NEW BIKE JUST CAME!!!" he exclaims. You see, he has been looking through this catalog for a month with his birthday money burning a hole in his pocket. Now, mind you, we bought him a bmx racing bike for his birthday in August and he has a trick bike that we bought him last summer which is still in good shape. But, no he HAD TO HAVE this new trick bike, because he had the money you see. So, now it is 5:15 and his sister needs picked up and his bike needs put together and we are suppose to be at my mother's. Do you see where this is going? So, I say to the WH, I'll go pick up DD and come back to get him while you put the bike together. So, I leave; pick up DD and come back home to find they can't get the brakes to work and the WH is slowly, but surely losing patience. It is now nearly 6 o'clock. I take the presents and the knitting bag to the car. When I return to the house the WH has had it with the brakes and is about to throw the bike across the living room. What is that? Oh, my cell phone is ringing in my purse.
It's my niece, the crazy one, "Aunt Di where are you? Are you coming?".
" Yes, I'm trying, we will be there shortly."
I calmly say to the WH "Let me take it with me and maybe Dad can look at it", "OK" he replied. So I load up the bike and my children and we're off. I pull into my mother's alley and unload the bike and hand the knitting bag and camera bag to the DD and get the gifts. The cell phone again, so I balance the gifts on the edge of the car and fumble through the purse for the phone.
Found it, oh my pbsister, "where are you?"
"I'm in the alley"
"I thought you were coming @ 5:30 when you picked up, (DD)" she had called in the afternoon and I had given her the info about the eye dr. so she was still thinking we should have been there by now.
"I was it's a long story, I'll be in, in a minute" I hang up before the gifts go tumbling.
So in the back door I come and the niece#2 runs up and the pbsis is standing with her arms crossed and the nephew#1 is waiting for the movie that he called and asked us to bring him. I take the gifts in the room and am followed by the PBS who is still waiting for me to give her every detail why we are late, although, it wasn't suppose to start until 6:30 and it in now only 6:15, I am still considered late. The dinner goes well, Mom wants to open gifts, so I get out the camera to capture the moment....I turn it on, no memory card. Just my luck, this is the type of night I am having. So I ask PBS to get me copies of her pics. About that time the niece#2 (crazy niece)brings down the keyboard and decides to play us all a song. So, for the next 1 1/2 hours we are blessed with the sounds of song, the TV and kids, being kids. I just wonder why it has to be sooo noisey. The neices and nephews range in age from 20-9 and then there is the great-nephew who just turned one. So the youngest niece and the great-nephew are running around the house, the son and nephew#2 are wresling, nephew#1 is now playing the keyboard and the goofy niece is being her normal loud funny self, while DD is trying to set up Mom's new laptop ( the Dad gift) and the PBS is trying to organize everyone and the phone is ringing again. Oh yea, and the bike is in the kitchen being worked on. I was ready to scream, so much for knitting. It is now 8pm and I have had it, I now have the biggest headache. On the phone is WH who wants to know what time the mall closes. He needs a drill and if I come get him we can go Sears and get one before they close. Sure dear, I'm leaving now, be right there. So son wonders what happened to his bike that was on the back porch, oh yea, Daddy took it home when he left an hour ago and didn't tell anyone!! Thanks for the scare!!! So I left Mom's in as big of a rush as I got there and even more frazzled!! Like I said, I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Four more days!!!

The official count down has begun! Four more days until the WH (wonderful husband) leaves for his hunting trip!!! I don't think he is nearly as excited about leaving as I am about having him leave. I am actually having a fairly good day. I had a meeting at school about the son which I was nervous about, but went very well. I guess the anticipation of the WH leaving has put a rosy glow to everything. I am, however hard at work on a poster for the teenage daughter's volleyball homecoming tomorrow. She plays the sport and mom gets stuck with all the work. Somehow I don't think that is quite how it is suppose to work, but Ce la vie. So, in between laundry, house cleaning, letting the dogs in and out, and of course answering the phone (most of which is the WH) I get to make a poster. Not like I have much to do, and of course there's the hat that has to be done in two weeks and the uh, blanket my son reminded me of again last night, meanwhile I started yet another pair of socks, like I don't have enough knitting to do. To top it all off, I can't have my knitting day this week with Kathy!!! OK, so maybe today isn't sooo good after all, but come Friday at 9am, it will all be worth it!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A new day and the sun is shining!! I am currently multitasking on two computers. My desktop is having a major malfunction, talk about slow. So I am trying to fix that and I'm on my laptop shopping and surfing. Knitpicks is not a good thing for the credit card!! I have to have the needles and I really want the KIP bags. But, that's not a shock knowing that bags are my thing anyway. I spent yesterday cleaning and I even cooked dinner(which rarely happens-I don't cook) and today, you would never know I lifted a finger. What I really want to do all day is knit. I started a hat for my daughter for Homecoming(in two weeks) out of Gypsyknits yarn, it's going to be really cute, if I get it done in time!!! There are not enough hours in the day. I need about 10 more!! Still working on the blanket that my son keeps riding me about, "You got my sister's done in no time, when will mine be done?". I wish the thing was done just so I don't have to hear him anymore!! My wonderful husband leaves next week for his yearly hunting trip for nine days:). I keep trying to talk him into two weeks, he's not going for it :( . I can't wait!!! I guess I probably shouldn't be sooo excited about him leaving, I will miss him?? If I could talk him into taking the darling children with him, now that would be a good week!!! Oh, well, one out of three isn't bad.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

my outlet

well, here we go. I really don't know what I'm doing, but I thought I would give it a try. I am reading everyone's blogs and realized that this may be just the ticket. I feel like I drowning in housework and have no outlet. I'm not sure where to start. I am at wits end with the husband and children, why can't they just leave me alone to knit? The housework is never done and I don't know where to even begin with that, it seems as though the only thing I can ever finish is knitting. Although that sometimes even becomes overwelming (the blanket i've been working on for my son for nearly 2 yrs). I hope you all understand when I just ramble about nothing. In the meantime, the husband thinks I am his personal servant and the kids think I'm their doormat. I try to keep up, but sometimes I could just scream. Then, of course, there are the dogs, who insist on going to the door every five minutes to be let out, they can't have to go that much. Today it is pouring rain, so it's not a good day anyway, and then the dogs start. At this moment though they are happily sleeping on the couch and chair (I so glad I bought furniture for them). Thank you for listening, I will be writing soon!!!

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