Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas soon!!

I can't believe it is the end of November already. 25 days until St. Nick!! I don't think I'll be ready. Last year I couldn't get in the mood and this year I am soo in the mood for Christmas and there's not enough time. It will be here and gone before I'm ready. I have been decorating all week long. I have 14 trees up and am looking for someplace to put more. I know that sound like alot, but my house is big. Let's see, 2 on the front porch, 1 in the foyer, 3 in the living room, 3 in the dining room, 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom, and 1 in each of the kids rooms. They are not all huge trees either, I like to but small trees in the corners of rooms if it looks bare. The small trees only have lights, no decorations.
I finished the dad-in-law socks and started the son's hat out of gypsyknits dk yarn. Thank you to Gypsyknits for the custom "Texas Longhorns" yarn. My son is a HUGE Texas Longhorns fan (I don't know why since we live in Maryland) anyway; I bought him a coat for Christmas that is Texas orange, so I asked her if she would dye me yarn in Texas colors. I took her the t-shirt, because it is not a normal color orange. She nailed it, it is perfect. It is Texas orange and black; absolutely perfect!!!! I coudn't have wished it any better. He is going to be soo excited. I am making a hat and gloves out of it (pictures will follow soon). Thank you again BFF!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's almost that time!!

Well, it's almost that time. Christmas is almost here. And we have another year of unfinished Christmas projects. I swore last year the this year, I would have something for everyone. Well, that didn't exactly happen. See, I get caught up in self knitting, until now, when I'm in a panic about knitting for everyone else. I've been on a sock kick (no pun intended) for awhile now and that's all I want to knit. Which would be great if I would give some of them as gifts, but, you see, I am VERY selfish when it comes to my handknitted socks and my sock yarn. I am VERY VERY picky about who gets the socks I make and IF (a very big IF) I give them away, there is some yarn that noone, and I do mean NOONE gets. I need therapy, I know, but I can't help it, I've tried. I can't make myself do it, I can't make myself give them away. So, I frantically knit a pair of gloves last week for my mother; dk weight, they went fast. They turned out really nice, I made them out of Gypsyknits dk merino yarn, I think it's my new favorite yarn!! I also have a pair of socks for my mom-in-law; 2 out of 15 isn't bad, right? I've started socks for my dad-in-law, I may get them done. Oh well, my bff knitting friend and I are going to start Christmas gifts for next year right after new years!!!

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