Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lost and Found!!!

I woke up this morning with all intentions of doing nothing! I had to run to Wallyworld and get my haircut; other than that, no intentions of anything. Somehow, it never works out how I plan, or in this case, don't plan. I got home from getting my hair cut and remembered that my WH's closet is driving me crazy. So, there go the plans. I begin cleaning out the closet and then decide the rest of the room could use some sprucing up.
There has been a box sitting in my room since right after Christmas(cleaning isn't high on my priority list). So in the coarse of cleaning, I pick up the box, oh, there is something in it.
I open the box and there is a gift from a friend from bath and body works and a tote bag that I bought myself for Christmas. Oh goody, found objects!! I take out the bath and body works basket and take it to my bathroom. It's all coming back to me now, while taking down Christmas decorations, I must have put these in here to carry upstairs. I'm really good at this, put things inside of things to transport; I'm not good at take the things out and putting them away however. So then I pick up the tote bag, ohh, it has something in it also.
OHHH, the lost sock it bag with the firestarter sock yarn, the pattern, and TWO sets of needles!!! I am soooo excited, I thought I had really lost this yarn and bag. I have been turning my house upside down to find this yarn and bag; while all the while it has sat in my bedroom in plan sight in this box! Welcome to my world. There is something to be said for organized people; I'm just not one of those people.
So, I'm off to cast on the second found, firestarter sock!!!

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