Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!!It doesn't seem like Halloween. This year has flown!! Only 55 days until Christmas! I'm guessing that this will be another Christmas of unfinished knitted gifts. Oh well, looking back, I think I just like knitting socks and I'm not to quick to give them away anymore. Is that selfish? I don't care if it is. Not many people appreciate them or take care of them the way I think they should so, my thoughts are they don't deserve them anyway!!! Enough logic.

Anyway, I HAD a beautiful baby surprise jacket knitted in Noro kreyuon yarn. Notice I said HAD. I finished the bsj, then couldn't figure out how to put it together; so I turned to my go to knitting guru my BFF for guidance. We promptly determined that I had messed up the pattern and frogged half of the sweater. Back to the part that we thought I had messed up, only to discover that wasn't enough frogging; out came the rest of the beautiful, wonderful, very excited about bsj. I'm not so excited anymore. It is beautiful yarn and the sweater will be very nice, I just hope my cousin appreciates it. Luckily she isn't due until February, I still have time, but as for now, the "ball of sweater" is in it's bag beside the couch waiting until I can face it again. I HATE FROGS!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Puppy and Socks

As you all can see, I've finally learned how to put pictures on here!! This is my puppy, Roxy, she is 4 months old. And as I said in the previous post, she isn't exactly potty trained yet, but her looks make up for it!!
This is my latest completed pair of socks!! They are from the Favorite socks book, Media's socks. I had fun making them, and I love the yarn. I would tell you what yarn it is, but I misplaced the label awhile back and I don't remember. I wish I did, cuz I would buy more!! I started the baby surprise jacket for my cousin's baby that is due in February!! I'll post that soon.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Here we go again!!

I'm not very good at this whole blog thing. I don't keep up very well. My darling husband is off on his yearly hunting trip to Illinois! A whole week without him, what ever will I do!?! I've started the baby surpirse jacket for my cousin's new baby, due in February!! They know it's a girl, so I purchased very pretty Noro Kureyon yarn and cast on!! It is turning out very pretty. I'm excited, about the baby and the jacket. She is one I know will appreciate it so that makes it all the better.
We have a new addition to our household, and I wonder what I was thinking! The most adorable all white Bulldog. She is 4 months old, we've had her for about six weeks. My children named her Roxy. She's a pretty good girl if she would just figure out where to go to the bathroom. She's getting better, at least she does go to the door occasionally. I really needed another animal to take care of!! I guess I have noone to blame but myself since it was my idea, seemed like a good one at the time, they are sooo cute when you go to "look" at them with all their brothers and sisters!! Oh well, what would we do without animals?

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