Thursday, April 23, 2009


IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE, IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! My consolation kit from Loopy Ewe!! I have been stalking the mailbox for two days. I thought it might com yesterday, but no. So I opened the blinds this morning so I could see the street so the mailman couldn't sneak past. I saw the glorious mail truck pull up, so patiently I waited for him to get out and there it was, in his hand. The most wonderful white box on earth. I knew it had to be mine. I did refrain from going out and tackling him for it. As he carried it across the street I thought my heart might jump out of my chest. He's coming to my house with it!!! I opened the door and waited on the porch, he handed it to me and I thought I could kiss him, but I didn't. This wonderful box holds my "you didn't get sock club, but we still love you" kit from the Loopy Ewe!!

I ran to get the camera, I had to document every moment!! I didn't realize how exciting it is to receive a package that you don't know what's in it!! It's quite exhilarating. Inside this wonderful white box, is a beautiful Hand Maiden casbah yarn dyed in a rich purple they named "W(h)ine with Roses", a pattern from Wendy called The Purple rose of Loopy, a bright green Loopy bag( you can never have too many knitting bags), a Loopy for socks pen, and a note from them about the kit!!

Thank you Loopy Ewe!! I will most definitely sign up again next year. If this is what they do for the people who didn't get in, I'd LOVE to actually be in the club!!

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