Friday, December 21, 2007

Longhorn Lovin' set!!

These are the fingerless gloves I knit for the Longhorn livin' son for Christmas. I think he will love them. They are out of custom dyed Gypsyknits dk merino yarn. I love this yarn! Thanks again K for making this for me!! Well, here we are 3 days before the big day and I only have 1 gift still on the needles! Pretty good I think. Poor Dad probably won't have two socks by Monday. He'll understand, I know, but I feel bad. Next year..............!!! I spent all day yesterday making gift tags. I bought the Circut cutter last year and made tags, and I really enjoy doing it, although it is time consuming. I got a new cartridge for it and I played all day yesterday, like I had nothing else to do!!

This is the hat that matches the LLS' gloves, I am pleased with them both. I think he will be too. Have a great Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sixteen already!!

Well, today is my DD sixteenth birthday!! I can't believe it, she's sixteen already. I am baking cupcakes now for her to take with her tonight. Tonight is her first basketball game of the season and the team is going to eat before the game so she is taking cupcakes in honor of her birthday. It seems like yesterday that I held her and looked at her for hours not really believing that she could be mine. I still look at the beautiful young woman that she has become and can't believe she is mine. I have been blessed with two wonderful children. Thank you Lord!

I think I'm finally finished my decorating. All the trees are up and decorated, the garland is up and the knick knacks are out. I keep thinking of things and going to the attic to pull out more. I guess I'll probably still be decorating on Christmas Eve. My Husband volunteered our house for Christmas Eve with my side of the family. My parents living room is not very big and when we are all together there are 23 of us, so we definitly need space. I really don't mind, but now I have to really clean. One more thing to add to the list. I didn't have enough to do, so one more thing won't matter, LOL!! I'll get through and what gets done, gets done, and what doesn't, doesn't I can't stress about it. I enjoy Christmas too much to worry about a clean house and a couple gifts that didn't get knitted. Christmas is about the family being together, not what I didn't get done. Next year I'll be more organized, HaHa,lol!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One more gift!!

One more gift finished!!! Longhorn lovin' Son's hat out of the custom dyed yarn in Texas Longhorn colors. Which , by the way turned out perfect!! It is gorgeous!! He is going to be thrilled. I have now cast on gloves out of the same yarn. I'm hoping to get them done by Christmas. Dad's socks are on the move, but they are boring, so they are sort-of on hold. They have become my take in the car socks because I don't have to think about them. I have less than 3 weeks and 2 projects to finish, I'm not a mathmetician, but I have hope. The gloves are fun and quick, but I have to work on them when the son isn't around, so I'm limited on time with them. Oh well, if they are on the needles, at least I can tell them I'm working on them. Next year will be better, I will have more knitted gifts for people. LOL!

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