Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Survived!!

Well, good news is, I survived Graduation. Not everything on the list got done, but it was very nice.
We just got back from Myrtle Beach. A week of bliss!! It was great to get away and the beach is my favorite spot to relax. Until Thursday, that is. Thursday morning the DD, WH and I got caught in a riptide. Scariest thing I've every been in. You can't get out of them. Everyone says swim parallel with the beach, but that is easier said then done. It took us what seemed like forever to get out of it, but if I had to estimate I would say about half hour. Luckily the DD had her boogie board that she could hold onto. Then that afternoon, the police helicopter circled for an hour then the US Coast Guard showed up with their helicopter and a boat. We knew then that something up the beach happened. We walked up about 5 blocks and soon found out that they were looking for a 13 year old boy. They formed human chains and they had boats and jet skis and helicopters. All to no avail. They did not find him. We found out later that he is from Maryland, he was with his baseball team there for a tournament. It was awful. My heart still goes out to his parents. How do you get up and walk away, if they never find him, how do you leave as a parent? We heard one report that his name is Lonnie Hill, I am so sorry to his parents and family and the other boys that were with him. The tragedy of it all. Our son was mad because we wouldn't let him in the water, until we walked up the beach. Hug all your kids, life is too short.

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