Monday, September 14, 2009

What to knit?

I have what I call knitting block. You know, writers get writer's block, well, I get knitting block. I so want to knit that nothing seems to work. First, I can't decide exactly what it is that I want to knit. I jump from idea to idea. I started a pair of socks last week, I got to the heel and screwed it completely up. So it sits waiting for me to get up the gumption to rip it back and fix it. I want to make a pair of mitts and a new cowl for self and I need to decide what gifts I'm making. Nothing is coming to me. I've been on ravelry and loopy ewe and many other sites trying to gain inspiration; it's not working. I feel very unsettled, I can't sit still, yet I soooo want to knit. It's fall, I really should be knitting! Oh well, this to shall pass, I'm sure I'll be knitting up a storm in no time.!!! I think an order to knit picks is just the thing to get me out of this funk.

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Laura Neal said...

New yarns always helps along with a new book or two for me. I have a new Norwegian book that I so want to knit something out of. I have an order from the hubby for a new hat, I had to throw out his since the cats peed all over it. sigh! It means more yarn, though...I can't wait!

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